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      The Pool At King & Grove Williamsburg Open now: 160 North 12th St; between Bedford and Berry St; Williamsburg; three season salt water pool is one of the largest outdoor swimming pools in New York, offering the a retreat with 4,800 square feet of deck space for lounging and dining. The poolside menu features a selection of cocktails, wine and beer, with a light-fare menu. For non-hotel guests access to the pool is available for $45 which gets you a place in the sun (or shade). Fee includes a chaise lounge or bleacher lounge - based on availability, towel service, water service, complimentary WiFi, and hotel concierge services to book your appointments. OPENING HOURS Monday-Thursday 10am-6pm Friday-Sunday 10am-10pm Don't be late, because it's first come, first served during the week, and reservation only Thurs through the weekend.
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