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      Can't afford a trip to Mexico? No problem, there's some authentic mexican right here in the west village! Authentic Mexican restaurant Tortaria is serving up some of the best food from south of the border right in the West Village. 94 University Place, New York, NY The food centers around "the common but overlooked dishes served in Mexican bodegas," co-owner Howard Burke tells the Journal. Tortaria specialties include tortas, taquitos and tequila. The Journal recommends the chocolate ancho chicken ($7.81), oozing with peppers and chocolate. Try it with a draft of the Agave wheat beer. Other standouts include pulled pork, slow-roasted and served with spicy black beans ($7.81) and the pescato taquito ($5.52) so fresh "diners can almost taste the sea spray blasting up from Cabo San Lucas." There are also vegetarian selections available.
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