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      "Good news for emergency sugar cravings — a Manhattan bakery is rolling out three 24-hour cupcake “ATMs” this year. Called “cupcake automats,” the outposts of Sprinkles Cupcakes are planned for midtown, downtown and the upper West Side with the first whipping up business by summer. “We’re working hard on the exact locations now,” spokeswoman Nicole Schwartz said. “They’ll be restocked constantly throughout the day, so if it’s Wednesday, you’ll only get our Wednesday flavors.” She said bakers at the popular Sprinkles on Lexington Ave. and E. 60th St. will pack each machine with a few hundred designer cakes at a time for on-the-go addicts.“I thought there has to be a way, and so the concept of 24-hour Sprinkles was born,” “Oh, yes. Oh, yes, I’d use it. New Yorkers don’t like to wait, especially if a sweet tooth strikes,” said Genice Hale, 45, a financial sales rep from Hollis, Queens. That automat, set to begin operation this month, is a recipe for dieting disaster, one California customer joked.
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