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      • Unlimited Sangria and 3 course brunch Upper East Side

        Ragnar  • 323
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      Every Saturday and Sunday, Don Pedro's offers a delectable three-course meal that includes bottomless sangria while you eat for only $19.95! 1865 2nd Ave (between 96th St & 97th St) From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., enjoy a bountiful selection that will leave you both full and satisfied. To start, choose anything from homestyle chicken or Cuban black bean soup, to salad, or empanadas (chicken, cheese or beef turnover). A popular choice for main course would be the Tres Golpe, which is a traditional Dominican dish that comes with mashed plantains skirted with fried eggs, cheese and Spanish sausage. Another popular dish is the Picadillo, a Cuban style ground beef over white rice and topped with a fried egg. With the salmon omelet, grilled skirt steak, and the seafood crepe, it may be all mouth-watering and difficult to choose just one. To finish off, indulge in a flan, tres leche, or an assortment of sorbets. Dont forget that the bottomless sangria is there to help you chow down. The servers are happy to fill up your empty (or even just half empty) glasses of sangria throughout your stay. Because of wide-popularity, also enjoy unlimited bloody mary and mimosas for only $10 more!
      Ragnar  • 323
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