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      Joy Burger Bar has the best burgers in the upper east side! 1567 Lexington Ave. at E. 100th St. Customization is the name of the game at Joy Burger Bar, where you'll choose between 3, 5 or 8-ounce patties. Regular toppings are free, as are sauces like garlic mayo and spicy mango chutney. There are also upscale toppings like avocado and olive tapenade.
      Sarge  • 186
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      The dry-aged patty at Jones Wood Foundry is one of the best burgers in the upper east side. should be ordered with Stilton, as opposed to Swiss, cheese. 401 E. 76TH ST NEW YORK NY
      Strider  • 895
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      for the best burgers in the upper east side go to J.G. Melon. 1291 3rd Ave (between 74th St & 75th St) It houses the most delicious bar burger east of Central Park, with the perfect fat-lean ratio and some of New York's best freshly ground beef. At JG you have that awesome consistent, delicious experience everytime. The meat is perfectly seasoned and cooked to perfection. Dont forget the "quarter" fries... perfect. If you come here for anything other than a burger and fries, then you're at the wrong place. Easily in my top 5 burgers on the island... Maybe even top 3, to do it justice.
      John G  • 146
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