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      • what's a cheap hotel in new york city

        Roark  • 499
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      Here are some cheap hotels in new york city... = Park Savoy Hotel 158 West 58th St New York, NY 10019 From $80 + tax per night* = New York Inn 765 Eight Ave (by 47th St) New York, NY 10036, USA From $79 + tax per night* = Hotel on 44 343 W. 44th Street New York, NY 1003 Fromm $129.99 + tax per night
      Dagny  • 539
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      it might be a good idea to stay in a cheap hotel in Brooklyn like the Park House Hotel. Not only is it usually cheaper to stay in a Brooklyn hotel rather than say Times Square, and you'll still be near tons of attractions such as the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Brooklyn Marine Park, Central Park, Times Square, Ground Zero, Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, Prospect Park & Zoo and more. Visit to find out more and make reservations.
      Ellis  • 379
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      i think your best bet would be not to stay right in Manhattan and stay in a different borough that has real easy access to a quick subway in. A cheap one in Long Island City (still new york city) is the Days Inn. 31 36 Queens Blvd, Long Island City. It's three blocks away from the & train which will take you to midtown Manhattan really fast. (5-10 minutes)
      Nickolai  • 1284
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