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      • Man Makes Portraits of Subway Riders from Paper and Scissors

        topher  • 204
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      In a city full of street performers and musicians, Ming Liang Lu is a refreshing spectacle. With one look at a person, Lu creates intricate caricature-esque portraits of passersby on black paper with both speed and agility. The paper-cutting craft dates back to the Chinese Han dynasty, although designs remained within the realm of foliage and animals. By creating faces, Lu has modernized the art form from its original roots. The New York Times reports that Lu can be found in Union Square station, attracting straphangers with his creations taped to the white tile wall behind him. The master craftsman, originally from Shanghai, works at the New York Chinese Cultural Center on weekends, teaching calligraphy, painting, and cutting. Lu will accept money in exchange for a portrait, however he says that it’s “Not about money, about face.”
      topher  • 204
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