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      • Italian restaurant TriBeCa with outdoor tables

        topher  • 204
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      Italian restaurant Pane Panelle (305 Church Street) has outdoor space perfect for a brunch date with friends. Its quaint location on a corner in TriBeCa makes this Southern Italian focacceria, trattoria and bar the perfect outdoor dining experience. a great selection of Italian sandwiches (panini) as well as pastas, cured meats and seafood dishes. The Pane Panelle, made with chickpea fritters, ricotta and caciocavallo (stretched-curd cheese). This was voted the #2 best sandwich by New York Magazine. During any day of the week, diners can also stop by the restaurant and take comfort in a $7 glass of wine during their happy hour from 4 to 7 in the evening. The restaurant stocks Italian wine favorites from Puglia, Sicily, Abruzzo and Calabria. Diners can also choose from $7 cocktails, $6 glasses of sangria, $4 beers and dishes from a $1 snack menu.
      topher  • 204
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