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      another great bathhouse in nyc is 131-10 11th Ave College Point, NY 11356 Go at night to avoid crowds. A hot outdoor bath on a frosty night? awesome!
      Strider  • 895
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      Vote Ease gingerly into Aire Ancient Baths bathhouse in nyc, a subterranean cavern of marble, water and relaxation, opening mid-March in Tribeca. So imagine you’re a sultan. And when you say things like “Bring me every conceivable type of pool—one with salt, one with ice, all of ’em...”—it’s done. Now tack a couple of dedicated massage rooms and a sauna onto this fantasy and you get the idea. It’ll start out, as these things do, in a waiting room. Birdcage chandeliers, earthenware jugs, organic beverages—you know, a waiting room. After a quick trip to the locker room, you’ll hang a right down a long staircase and emerge into... let’s be conservative and call it a palatial stone grotto. You’ll have roughly 90 minutes here to go to town. And by town we mean a series of salt, ice, mineral and jacuzzi baths that surround a glass house of hot steam and stone (that’d be the sauna). Then, after all that hard work: a scented-oil massage. (You had a feeling that was coming.) If that’s not enough balneal diversity for you, you’ll soon have access to private rooms, where you can bathe in red wine, champagne or olive oil.
      Kay L  • 263
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