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      • What's a good salon for curly haired people in NYC?

        Ludlow  • 647
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      Devachan Salon in Soho nyc specifically specializes in curly hair for females and males! 560 Broadway Lower Level (between Prince St & Spring St) here are some reviews: "Hands down, best hair cut of my life. for curly haired girls, this place is a mecca. they will never ask you if you want your hair blown straight during your cut. they will show you how to get the best and healthiest curl out of your hair and they'll take their time to get it right." "Hands down, best place for curly haired customers. Robert is my only hairstylist after years and years of searching. I usually did not like my unmanageable, rully curls, since childhood til my first visit with Robert. I went to him after three years of killing my hair from Japanese hair straightener sessions. I decided to grow out my hair and I requested he cut off as much of the treated hair as possible. He convinced me to cut it all off and provided a magnificent hair cut/style."
      Ellis  • 379
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