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      • top Chef contender opens Asian restaurant in Park Slope

        Zoe  • 576
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      Dale Talde's namesake tavern reps his Asian roots with touches like mahogany wood carvings opens Talde in Park Slope. 369 Seventh Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn. Food is influenced equal parts by the chef's stints at Morimoto and Buddakan. apps like shrimp toast with Chinese sausage gravy, Hawaiian bread buns filled w/ 'pino pork sausage or crispy Long Island fluke, and chive & pretzel pork dumplings. entrees of Korean fried chicken w/ spicy yogurt-kimchee; BBQ platters piled with brisket, pork shoulder, smoked bacon, shrimp, and black pepper-butter toast; and a Frank's-sauced Pad Thai with its crispy oysters and bacon.
      Zoe  • 576
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