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      • "Grilled Meats and Aquatic Delights" in NoHo

        Owen  • 794
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      Classy place called Saxon and Parole in NoHo. 316 Bowery, New York, NY 10012 Specializing in "Grilled Meats and Aquatic Delights", the kitchen offers Dom-paired seafood towers, foie gras & five-spice terrine w/ grilled peaches, miso-glazed marrow with orange/olive marmalade, and spreads like chicken liver mousse (port & pepper jelly) to go on sourdough that's toasted. Second-coursers: whole grilled Maine lobsters with roasted corn, sun-dried chili butter, and pickled tomatillos, to steaks (strip, filet, 30oz rib eyes) aged for 28 days and served with bone marrow bearnaise or housemade steak sauce, to a grilled Berkshire pork chop with apple and quince sauce. The cocktail program: banana-rum Old Fashioned with PX sherry and chocolate bitters, and they make Manhattans using their personal brand of locally distilled rye whiskey and leather bitters,
      Owen  • 794
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