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      Another great pizza place in Nolita (maybe the best pizza in nolita) is Toby's Public House. For years it was one of Brooklyn's favorite pizza places but now it has jumped the river. sample: pancetta-wrapped shrimp, andouille & focaccia mussels, three-cheese prosciutto cotto calzones, and wood-fired pies like the prosciutto, crimini & black truffle cream sauce Tartufata. 86 Kenmare St, nr Mulberry St; Nolita
      Francisco  • 715
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      Lombardi's has been serving slices to New Yorkers for more than a century and calls itself America's first pizzeria. It uses a rare coal-fired oven to make Neapolitan-style pies. If you really want New York Pizza, you've got to go to Lombardi's" 32 Spring St (between Mott St & Mulberry St)
      Nickolai  • 1284
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