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      • mission hill restaurants... a New BBQ place opens! Soulfire

        Ragnar  • 323
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      How about some Fried catfish and chopped brisket in Mission Hill?! A second location for the Soulfire restaurants. Soulfire II 737 Huntington Ave, at Fenwood; Brigham Circle/Mission Hill Eats include Texas beef brisket & pork spare rib chili, pressure-fried chicken wings, or crispy pieces of deep-fried baked mac n' cheese. Also Southern-seasoned fried catfish or one of seven slow-smoked meats (competition-style dry-rubbed baby backs, pulled pork, chopped brisket, etc.) you can hit with house sauces including the spicy mustard-based Fiery w/ red jalapenos & smoked habaneros, to the KC-styled Soulfire, to the sweet, pepper-tinged Pitboss.
      Ragnar  • 323
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