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      Blind Dining (aka Eating in the Dark) at Dans Le Noir Midtown West. eating in pitch dark seems to be overwhelming for everyone, whether in a good or bad way. A choice of four menus: "red," which is meat; "blue" being seafood; "green," for vegetarian; or "white," which is the chef's surprise. When it came to the food, most reviewers said they were pleasantly surprised even though they had no idea what they were eating until after the meal. One said, "The food was incredible and it was interesting to rely on your other senses to figure out what you're eating," and that "once I calmed down and took in the experience, it was smooth sailing." You're led conga-style into the darkness by your waiter. The dark left some feeling claustrophobic, while others were exhilarated. One said it changed his perspective on life to dine in the dark with his wife. "You get to learn a lot about yourself, spouses, friends, fellow diners and others in the room," he said. Another claimed that even though the experience was exciting, the food was not worth the price. However, most of the reviewers said it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 246 W 38th St., bet. 8th and Fashion Aves.
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