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      if you're looking for a better (less touristy) Cheesecake dessert experience in Midtown Manhattan go Lady M Cake Boutique: The Plaza Food Hall; 1 W. 59th Street. Well worth the pretention for a slice of this pie. Lady M has a unique take on New York’s classic cheesecake. The cheesecake, coined as “The Gâteau Nuage,” boasts a cinnamon-graham cracker crust, a cloud-like and delicate filling, topped with a silky whipped sour cream layer. The slice manages to taste both delicate and decadent. best dessert in Midtown!
      Ellis  • 379
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      if you're looking for authentic nyc cheesecake dessert in midtown go to Junior's: 1515 Broadway bet. 44th St. and 7th Ave. The original shop was opened back in 1950 on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn and the world class cheesecake celebrity has since expanded to a Times Square Midtown and Grand Central location.
      Zoe  • 576
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      you MUST check out Kyotofu for the best dessert in Midtown! Specifically it's a Japanese restaurant that specializes in dessert. try the fresh ginger crème brûlée or the Japanese style warm chocolate cake. 705 ninth avenue (between 48th and 49th)
      Nickolai  • 1284
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