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      • falafel midtown; Freddy the Falafel King Opening Midtown Food Cart

        Owen  • 794
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      The Falafel King has rolled into Midtown! Freddy the Falafel King has opened his first Manhattan outpost at East 53rd Street and Park Avenue. The Vendy Award Winner began his reign as NYC's King of Falafel at his Astoria location, which has long been worshipped by the locals. Freddy was reported to only serve his most famous dish to begin, but customers have told Midtown Lunch that the King is also serving up shawarma for his first day in Manhattan. If the menu he posted on Facebook is any indication, he'll be expanding from those items soon enough. Here's hoping the Midtown businesses who'd recently complained about food vendors on the street bite their tongues. And for the food truck's location, follow Freddy on Twitter. King of Falafel & Shawarma Express: E. 53rd St. & Park Ave.
      Owen  • 794
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