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      cocktails lower east side. The Lower East Side is bringing a new type of "old school" cocktail bar to the area - The Experimental Cocktail Bar. Started by three Parisian men, Romée De Gorianoff, Pierre Charles Cros and Olivier Bon, who had the idea of giving NYC its first "French Cocktail Bar" featuring their extensive stock of rare 1960's gin and other historically extinct liquors, hope to grow a late-night bar for Lower East Siders. The bar will feature an array of cocktails crafted from old-age, and even thought to be extinct, liquors to make those martinis a cut above the everyday. Some of these liquors are even in their original bottles and date back to Prohibition. The two-room space on Chrystie Street features weathered tin ceilings, chaise lounge chairs, gold-patterned carpets and a marble fireplace straight from France. The Experimental Cocktail Bar: 191 Chrystie St, bet. Rivington and Stanton sts.
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