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      • A beer growler station in the Village!

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      Introducing the Growler Station, a 24-tap outpost on 8th Street with a rotating selection of craft beers (at least one was aged in a bourbon barrel) and high-tech foamless fillers. Also known as the PerfectPour 3000. "In 2010, two Connecticut Brew Pub owners installed a breakthrough new growler system that would enable them to fill growlers foam free, faster and with no waste. But the best part was that the new process delivered a vastly superior taste of their best craft beers as compared to the standard tap systems commonly filling growlers, giving their brew pub customers a fresher, more enjoyable beer-to-go experience." 26 W 8th St, btwn 5th and 6th Ave; Greenwich Village
      Midas  • 338
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