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      • Flatiron Womens Gym offers Alcohol if you do a good job working out!

        Robert  • 309
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      Uplift Studios offers multiple ways to blow off steam for NYC women. The female-only gym in NoMad provides multiple "Raise the Bar" classes including "Cardio and Cocktails," "Tighten and Tequila," "Workout and Wine" and "Bootcamp, Bloodies and Brunch." Each class is $40. In these classes if you workout for a minimum of 45 minutes, the club offers its members unlimited cocktails or wine as a reward. The concept was came about during a rainy day. After a Yoga class in Central Park was halted due to bad weather, the Uplift crew led all the class to a bar nearby. They saw the social atmosphere created by this setting and decided to try to emulate this camaraderie in their gym. Owner Leanne Shear said, "A lot of fitness is very preachy in a sense [that] it has to be all or nothing ... to never have a glass of wine or a slice of pizza. Having wine with a girlfriend is very much a part of a healthy, balanced life." Even if you do not like drinking, you can still attend pilates, traditional yoga and zumba classes at Uplift Studios. The gym also offers Wi-Fi service, snacks, phone chargers and ice tea.
      Robert  • 309
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