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      • Freedom Tower is now officially NYC's largest building!

        Ragnar  • 323
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      The World Trade Center's Freedom Tower will mark New York's tallest building and become the first to look down on the Empire State Building. Standing at 1,776 feet, 1 World Trade Center's owners plan to strip Midtown's Empire State Building of more than just its tallest NYC building crown. With the potential to rake in over $10 million in revenue, WTC operators hope their building's taller antennas will pry broadcasters away from their current Empire State Building signal beams. "We're looking to maximize revenue and maximize the reputation of 1 World Trade Center," Freedom Tower builder Douglas Durst told the New York Post. With additional plans for building up the observation deck, the WTC will at least offer the Empire State Building much stiffer competition than it's used to. The 82-year-old Empire State Building's representatives did not comment.
      Ragnar  • 323
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