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      • new farmhouse style bistro in the east village

        Lily  • 579
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      Calliope; East Village's newest farmhouse bistro. 84 E 4th St, nr 2nd Ave; East Village. Food includes poached-then-grilled octopus touched w/ lemon & black pepper, Hudson Valley foie w/ mixed onion jam & black pepper brioche, and beef tongue w/ Vidalia onions & gribiche. 21-day dry-aged strip steak from "the best butcher in NYC" (that's Pino's on Sullivan), served sliced and sizzling in a cast iron pot w/ butter; braised rabbit tossed in house pappardelle; and black sea bass in a white wine & leek mussel broth sided by rustic toast w/ "a big slather of Romesco" hearty selection of Old World wines, classic 'tails, and brews from $2.50 half-pints of 'gansett, to Duvel and La Chouffe
      Lily  • 579
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