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      • Gluten free bagels in the East Village...

        Ludlow  • 647
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      In the East Village, L’asso EV is bringing a new spin on the classic New York bagel. This restaurant and pizzeria will feature gluten-free, vegan and hemp-seed varieties, which is a new trend, not to mention, baked in a wood-fire oven, much different from the boiled classics, The Local reports. These new style bagels, comparing to the Montreal-style bagel, which is much flatter, will be available in flavors like caramelized onion and rosemary, or cacioavallo and parmesan cheese. “It’s changed a little bit in the last eight months, but originally there seemed to be a big hole in the bagel world for the East Village,” said owner Greg Barris, as reported by The Local. These layered, smoke flavored bagels will be available for takeout, as well as part of the restaurant's’ a la carte and brunch menus, companioned with spreads like hemp butter or the traditional cream cheese. L’asso EV: 107 1st Ave., bet. E. 6th and E. 7th sts.
      Ludlow  • 647
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