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      There are many ways to spend your time in New York City. Anyone who considers themselves a "New Yorker" will stay far away from areas like Times Square, home to countless chain stores and gimic restaurants that attract tourists like flies to, well, you know. But there's one pastime that all New Yorkers enjoy, regardless of their true New Yorker card carrying status - celebrity hunting. Sure we pretend not to care when standing next to Anderson Cooper at a crosswalk, or holding the door open for Alec Baldwin (hopefully not on the way into a Starbucks). Rentenna has released a handy dandy map of where you can find celebrities throughout New York. Here's where you'll find celebrities in the East Village and Lower East Side. David Schwimmer recently destroyed an almost-landmarked brownstone, gaining absolutely no friends in the process. Lady Gaga once "slummed" it in a one-bedroom on the Lower East Side before she hit it big and started duct taping meat to herself and spending her time inside giant eggs. celebrity spotting nyc
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