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      • I've found one bedbug shell on my clothes after visiting a friend in NYC. What should I do next?

        Robert  • 309
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      Start by washing ALL clothes and anything else washing you carried with you in warm water and with bleach if doable. Take the luggage or bag you used to travel outside and let it sit in the sun for at least three days. Next go buy one of those bedbug protection bedsheets and put it on your bed immediately. If the bedbugs already made it to your bed, using this sheet will protect you from them and hopefully suffocate them to death. If you start getting bites, call an exterminator.
      Lily  • 579
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      First ask friend if they have had bites or noticed bed bugs. Shells can look like many creatures. Put everything from your trip in the dryer on high for .5 hour. Anything that cannot be dried should be baked in the oven at 125 degrees for .5 hour. Paper burns at 450 degrees, so no problem. Bigger things can be put in plastic bag in car in the sun, as long as all interior spaces get above 120 degrees. Use an instant read thermometer like Tru Temp. If you start getting bitten, bed bugs look like apple seeds. Inspect all around bed and bed area. Look for tiny blood stains or black spots that are waste products. Take apart the whole bed and inspect every seam, even inside tags, corners of bed frame. You should get bed bug covers for pillows and mattress. Pricey but worth it. This is a good resource for pictures and info: Good luck.
      Nickolai  • 1284
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