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      The Dekalb Market is reopening for the warm months. Open 7 Days A Week starting in May. 138 Willoughby Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 a picnic-tabled center brooklyn beer garden. The Big Cheesesteak serves cheesesteaks, Dekalb Wings handles the chicken, and the German-style Madhouse Bakery serves artisanal sandwiches -- but perhaps most heralded is a part-timer from last year whose overwhelming success demanded its return: Mayhem & Stout, who specialize in slow-braised sandos (short rib, pork shoulder, or chicken thighs) with toppings like blueberry Sriracha, basil oil, and something called Dragon Sauce! going from now 'til December, including Sunday afternoon dance parties, weekly concerts, rooftop films, lobster boils hosted by Red Hook, bike in movie nights, food competitions, and a roller derby.
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