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      • Officials Shut Down 26 Chinatown Bus Operations

        Sarge  • 186
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      Twenty-six bus operations have been shut down in Chinatown. Officials at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found the bus operations, which transported over 1,800 passengers a day along Interstate 95 between New York and Florida, to be guilty of safety violations. After declaring these bus operations imminent hazards to public safety, they ordered the shutdown to a number of companies across six states. In April, State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and State Senator Daniel Squadron called the Chinatown buses "a public health issue" and, along with the Department of Transportation, set up legislation that would create a permit system, giving the city leverage to enfore stricter guidelines. The orders were aimed at the companies' headquarters and at bus pickup locations. Of the 233 bus routes serviced by the companies, most either departed from or were destined for the Chinatown district. The shutdown comes after a yearlong investigation focusing on three primary companies: Apex Bus Inc., I-95 Coach Inc., and New York Century Travel Inc.
      Sarge  • 186
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