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      • New neighborhood in Manhattan called "Chumbo?"

        Kay L  • 263
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      Yes, another neighborhood to know. Young, creative artists are beginning to flock to a tiny plot of Chinatown in Two Bridges, reports The Wall Street Journal. Some have combined the names of Chinatown and its Brooklyn neighbor, Dumbo, to describe the low-rent art district drawing the city's hip, dubbing it "Chumbo." The neighborhood, which sits south of East Broadway, offers cheaper rent than can be found in Brooklyn. A three-bedrom place is about $2,900 a month in Chumbo, as compared to $7,000 in Dumbo. Although this splice of Chinatown is salvaging some of the cool that Brooklyn neighborhoods like Williamsburg and Bushwick have stolen over the years, longtime residents are concerned over the resulting change in people Lower East Side nightclubs and high-brow restaurants have begun to spill over into Chinatown, bringing along more expensive living spaces with their pricy drinks. But Chumbo has kept its cool for now. It's still untainted by high-rise apartments and luxury buildings, making it attractive to young avant-garde artists.
      Kay L  • 263
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