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      • Katie Holmes Rents a New Apartment in Chelsea

        Kay L  • 263
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      Specifically, moving into a new apartment on Seventh Avenue in Chelsea. Holmes seized her chance, reportedly with Tom Cruise's Scientology god squad hot on her heels, while Cruise is out of the country filming a new movie. Jen Peros of Us Weekly says Holmes had been planning the more "for some time now." During an interview with "Live from the Couch" Monday morning on WLNY TV 10/55, Peros also said Holmes is trying to protect 6-year-old daughter Suri from her father's religion. “You know, we’re hearing that she just didn’t want to follow the church of Scientology anymore,” said Peros. “Now that Suri’s 6 years old, she’s going to start going to school and she just didn’t want her to be influenced by, you know, this very intense religion.”
      Kay L  • 263
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