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      • Del Posto offers a $39 three course lunch

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      A three-course gourmet lunch at Del Posto for less than $30 is no more. Eater reports that the four-star Italian restaurant has raised the price of its $29 three-course lunch to $39, ending one of the best deals in town. Del Posto General Manager Jeff Katz told The Price Hike/Bloomberg's Ryan Sutton that lunch was "too expensive in the first place" since it's basically the "dinner experience at a much lower price point." Eater points out that other high-end eateries charge much more for their lunches. Eleven Madison Park is $74 for four courses; Le Bernardin offers $45, $70 and $190 choices; and Jean-Georges offers two courses for $38. Del Posto's $39 is still an appetizing deal to enjoy food prepared by a James Beard Award semifinalist.
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