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      • Brooklyn's Best Old School Restaurants...

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      Peter Luger Steakhouse Although it's been in business for more than 100 years, it's still hard to find a seat in this joint. In order to taste its giant, perfectly dry-aged steaks, you must either show up at the right time in the middle of the day, or make a reservation by speaking to the hostess - in person - at least two months ahead of time. Di Fara Grab a slice of gooey goodness at this Midwood pizzeria. For the past 40 years, Dom DeMarco has put his love into every single pie. The line is worth the wait. Ferdinando's This Sicilian cafe has been providing Carroll Gardens with delicious meatball parm, panelle sandwiches and pasta con sarde for the past century. Everything on the menu will bring you satisfaction. Bamonte's Restaurant Another old-time Italian hot spot, Bamonte's has some of the best pasta and red sauce the city has to offer. Eater suggests ordering the clams casino or tilapia francese from this Williamsburg favorite. Peter Luger Steakhouse: 178 Broadway and Driggs Ave. Di Fara: 1424 Avenue J at E 15th St. Ferdinando's: 151 Union St. Bamonte's Restaurant: 32 Withers St.
      Roark  • 499
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