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      the Bohemian Beer Hall (29-19 24th Avenue New York, NY 11102) is the original beer garden out here. It's a great place to visit and my favorite beer garden in astoria. Studio Square, a more recent addition to astoria, is a good option too. It depends what you're looking for. If it's old school traditional beer garden, Bohemian Hall is your best bet. For something a little modern attracting a younger crowd, Studio Square is the choice. Studio Beer Garden is at 35-33 36th St Astoria, NY 11106
      Lily  • 579
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      Bohemian Beer Hall is hands down the best beer garden in astoria! Its a much more authentic no frills beer garden experience. Studio Square is definitely a good time, but for a sunny Saturday or Sunday afternoon the O.G. beer garden, the Bohemian Beer Hall is the best.
      Ellis  • 379
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